Guide to Living in a Log Cabin

Cabin in the woods

Guide to Living in a Log Cabin

The log cabin is one of the original American home styles. If you decide to live in one, like any other home, you’ll have to ensure that it’s comfortable, beautiful and warm enough for your family and friends. Nowadays, it is not difficult to get a high quality, sturdy and expertly designed log cabin.

Many of the ones that are being built come with impressive features like heated terraces and skylight windows. Furthermore, log homes are generally well-insulated; therefore, your heating and cooling units can easily maintain comfortable temperatures inside your house. This article looks at tips and tricks that can make your log cabin living experience a blast.

Do your research

With the history surrounding log cabins, it’s not uncommon to wonder what exactly it’s like to stay in one. A lot of the available information about these dwellings is historical, and things have since changed from what they were in those good old days. Therefore, it follows that you might need an update on the current designs and living experiences as your visions are more likely outdated.

The approach to living in a log cabin is more or less the same you would take when buying and moving into a regular home. There is, however, information that applies specifically to this conservative housing approach. You will need every bit of reliable information you can get to help you adequately prepare for this move if you haven’t made it already.

Floor Plan – There’s No One-Size-Fits-All

Gone are the days of the open-plan fairytale-like log cabin with a single stove to keep the whole place warm. This is what most of us envision when we think of staying in a log home. Instead, you’ll discover that most of today’s log cabins come equipped with almost all the comforts of your regular house. Others might even feature a few extra toppings, making them somewhat unique.

If you plan to use a log cabin as a permanent dwelling, you will probably need one that’s quite spacious. Fortunately, with advancements in woodwork and architecture, you might even have a two-story cabin built for you. These will more likely be reinforced with stone foundations and metal frames in some instances. Such options can be more durable than usual.

If, however, you only want a vacation getaway, you can probably do with a smaller option. During vacations, you will probably spend a significant chunk of your stay exploring the outdoors, so you’ll not need something too spacious. You can, therefore, make a few architectural touch-ups to make your outdoors a lot more enjoyable. For instance, you can throw in a sprawling porch to host barbecues, morning coffees and lazy evenings as you gaze into the horizon and watch the sunset.

Furnishing a log cabin

When it comes to the interior decor of your log cabin home, you should choose furniture pieces that give off warmth to complement your space. For instance, you can add a fireplace to help balance the rustic surroundings and add tremendous value to your wooden home. Furthermore, it’s a cost-effective way to heat your home during in winter.

If your aim is to establish a contemporary vibe in your home, you could consider modern and sleek furnishings with geometric patterns and appealing designs. Not much can be said about furniture though, it all boils down to the look you want to go for then you choose pieces that complement that look. You can take a look at our top 15 essentials to keep in your cabin.

Windows cover options – Drapes or blinds

Many log cabin owners tend to leave their windows unveiled. However, if you are planning to stay permanently, this will not work. You can install either drapes or blinds. It is advisable to consider choosing neutral, light or textured fabrics to establish a cozy and private space. Neighbors won’t be able to check out what’s inside and you will also be shielded from whatever will be happening outside, especially during the night. Also, you can sleep in and not worry about the sun waking you up!

Pay Close Attention to the Weather

This one is serious, especially if you are going all-natural and not installing a central A/C or heating system. If you don’t tune in to the weather report, you could find yourself sweating or freezing when you don’t want to be. You should watch out for how cold it will be so you can keep feeding the fire. In the summer heat, you will also need to know how hot it will get so you can open all or some of the windows throughout the day. The great thing about log cabins is they are great at insulating you from the outside elements, keeping you warm in the winter and cold in the summer.


A ‘cozy’ log cabin might be a cliche, but its a cliche for a reason. When done right, the living experience can be quite enjoyable, relaxing, and just flat out awesome! When you decide to take up residence in a log cabin, it’s important to be well equipped and informed. Lots of things will be unexpected, but the experience will probably be way better than what you expect.

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