Guide to Buying a Log Cabin

There is a lot of nostalgia surrounding log cabins. They remind most people of a simpler time when the world wasn’t as fast-paced as it is now. If you plan to cozy up at Christmas or perhaps you just want to unwind in the summer, getting a log cabin could be a great idea. The best thing about them is that you can pretty much use them all year round.

However, there are quite a few types of log cabins out there, and navigating through the mire of options can be difficult, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Let’s delve deeper into how you can choose the best option to suit your needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Log Cabin:


When purchasing a log cabin, the first factor to consider is its purpose. There are several ways to make use of a log cabin, and your choice has to be closely linked to what you want to use it for.

Home Office

With the increase in remote working popularity, many people are turning to log cabins and using them as office space. A log cabin can offer a good working environment that is motivating and private. If you intend to utilize your log cabin this way, there are several key factors to consider before you buy one. Does it have enough space? Does it come with electrical outputs for your devices? Or, does your ground plan allow you to place the cabin within reach of your Wi-Fi network? All these are essential things you need to consider before buying your cabin.


Similar to using a log cabin as an office, others might want to set up a workshop or studio in there. A log cabin can provide an ideal, private space in which to practice your craft. It also comes with adequate space to store your tools and equipment. There are, however, certain factors you need to consider before buying a cabin to use as a workshop. If you are going to use electrical equipment, you need to ensure that you set up the cabin close to a power source. Apart from that, you also have to choose a secure cabin to keep burglars out. Finally, a workshop has to have enough room for you to operate safely, hence you will need a spacious cabin.

Home Gym

If you have a busy schedule, finding time for the gym can be a difficult task. The best thing would be to have your gym at home. However, you might not have extra room to set up a home gym because of space restrictions. A log cabin can, therefore, be the perfect solution in such instances. Some log cabins have double-glazed windows and added insulation, making it easy to control temperature and create a great environment inside. Ensure that you consider the size and type of equipment you need to use before choosing your cabin.


While your intended purpose will help you choose the right sized log cabin, you should also think about layout options. These can improve the aesthetics of your cabin and even help you to maximize space:

Veranda — you can choose one with an overhanging apex roof to create some outside entertaining or relaxing space

Multi-room — a double roomed cabin can allow you to do more than just one thing. You can use it as an office, studio or gym at the same time. It is also perfect if you need a meeting space, but you don’t want people in your private office.

Storage — Other cabins also feature an adjoining storage space

Cladding Thickness

Log cabins mostly originated in colder Scandinavian climates. Because of this, their walls are significantly thicker than most sheds or summerhouses. The majority of sheds and summerhouses have a cladding thickness that ranges from 7 -12 mm, whilst most garden log cabins are around 19 and 70 mm.

For a perfect home gym space, you will need something about 19 mm thick. This would give you a pleasant, sturdy environment to spend most of your time in. If however, you need a home office, you should probably go for something thicker, not less than 44 mm. The thickest you can get on most markets would be about 70 mm. This will be a good selection if you intend to stay in the log cabin.

Always Buy The Best Quality You Can Afford

Log cabins are not created equal. If you get the best value out of your investment, the smart move would be to go for quality rather than affordability. A premium quality log cabin will serve you happily for a long time. It will most likely be awhile before you need to do any touch-ups and repairs. Besides being built with materials that are the best for the job, high-quality log cabins also come with additional features like floor and roof insulation.

Ask Lots Of Questions

When it comes to log cabins, don’t be shy to ask lots of questions. You’ll need to know about the design, plans, structural requirements for hurricanes and anything else that requires your due diligence. The people who sell/build log cabins know their job, and they will be glad to help you realize your cabin just the way you want it.

Bottom line

Log cabins can be a practical and versatile addition to your property. Their look and feel also make for pleasing outdoor aesthetics. With such a wide range of selections for layout, size, and cladding thickness, you can be guaranteed to find one that suits your needs and budget perfectly.

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