The Top Log Cabin Bird Feeders

Bird Feeder

For bird watchers, getting a quality bird feeder will attract more birds so you can bird watch from the comfort of your home. Log cabins are not only for humans but also for birds, making them comfortable when they visit.

Bird feeding doesn’t only benefit the ecosystem. It also improves your experience with nature. Bird feeders provide an additional food source for birds, which helps more baby birds survive longer. To prevent them from looking for food under the cabin and leaving droppings that stink, get a bird feeder.

Birds bring music and will help you reduce your stress while you stay in the log cabin. Placing a bird feeder in an ideal location allows you to enjoy bird watching without causing any damage to your home.

Top Log Cabin Bird Feeders

Choosing the best bird feeder for your log cabin is simple if you know the bird species you want to attract. Although there are more considerations to make aside from price, here are some bird feeders you can get for your log cabin today.

Woodlink Absolute 2: Best Squirrel Proof

The Woodlink Absolute bird feeder has a steel frame with a durable powder coating to attract more birds. It is large, with a seed holding capacity of 12lb. This bird feeder is squirrel proof because their weight on the perch automatically closes access to the seeds.

It is a unique feeder with the ability to adjust holding weight so that you can choose the type of birds you want to feed. It is easy to fill, and you can either hang or pole mount it next to your log cabin.

CILIPET STORE Barn Shaped Bird Feeder: Most Durable

The CILIPET bird feeder is ideal for hanging and perfect for bringing the small and medium birds to your log cabin. It will make your patio the perfect location for bird watching.

This metallic bird feeder is long-lasting and weather-resistant to last a lifetime. It keeps the bird food and seeds dry and unaffected by weather conditions.

HANIZI Premium Bird Feeder and Bird Bath: Most Versatile

The Hanizi premium bird feeder is unique and comes with a birdbath to keep the birds coming back every day. If you like taking care of birds, you can hang this versatile feeder in your log cabin. With a sturdy construction of premium materials, it can easily hold multiple bird feeders to attract different birds.

The water bowl is perfect for birds to drink water and bath, keeping them in your back yard longer. It has adjustable hooks with the top-level hooks holding larger bird feeders. You don’t need any tools to assemble it, and it is rust-resistant too.

River’s Edge Bird Feeder: Best Design

To keep with the rustic theme of your log cabin, you can get this River’s Edge Products Birdhouse.  It is well crafted to resemble a treehouse, acting as cabin decor and a feeder to attract birds.

The intricate detail stands out, and you can place it on a stand or hang it from a tree near your cabin home. It is a good quality wooden bird feeder with a charming design to welcome the birds to your neck of the woods.

What to Consider When Buying a Bird Feeder

The most suitable bird feeder for your log cabin is durable and easy to fill with bird food. Aside from maintenance required, here is more you should consider before choosing a bird feeder.


To avoid replacing your bird feeder every year because of damage from squirrels or the weather, choose the best material. Bird feeders constructed with metal parts are better for keeping squirrels away and preserving the seeds. For those who choose wooden bird feeders, they should be weather-resistant to last longer.


When it comes to bird feeders, you either choose a big one or a small one. You don’t want to have to go outside to refill the bird feeder when it is cold. Easily upgrade to a larger bird feeder that can hold more seeds. This way, you can watch the birds come and go from the comfort and warmth of your log cabin.


You need to consider the species of birds you want to attract before choosing the type of bird feeder for your log cabin. Tube feeders are the most popular to attract small birds, while Hopper feeders are durable and perfect for holding more seed. Ground feeders are excellent if you want to attract a variety of birds for bird watching.

There are also suet feeders that you can hang from poles to attract specific birds like bluebirds and woodpeckers. If you want to have fun watching hummingbirds, you can strategically place the Hummingbird feeders and add red-colored items around them to attract a whole flock.


With the right type of food and type of bird feeder, you can attract the kind of birds you want to watch all year round. These are some of the best bird feeders you can get to decorate your log cabin and make it a home for different bird species. Choose a bird feeder that is easy to clean, durable, and attracts the birds you want. They should be attractive to birds too.

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