Best Interior Design Ideas for Log Cabins

Log Cabin Interior

Living in a log cabin can be exciting, and with the right kind of design, it can be the perfect cozy escape you need. If you just moved into your first log home or need to update your cabin’s look, there are many ways to do it.

You can add some sleek furniture and vintage accessories to match the natural surroundings of your cabin. Easily design the rooms to fit specific themes according to the season or current trends that match your sense of style.  If you are looking to completely change the cabin’s interior without making it feel too cramped, we got some ideas for you.

4 Best Interior Cabin Design Ideas

Getting inspiration for decorating your cabin can be challenging if you do not know what you want. Having a general idea will help before you start buying items online or at the store. To make things easier, you can pick a general theme to design the cabin’s rooms. Do you want a complementary style cabin home or more rustic?

If you use your log cabin for hunting, camping, or other sporting activities, you can choose an outdoor theme that best suits this lifestyle. It helps to better identify the type of furniture, paintings, and wallpaper you want for your cabin home. Here are some design ideas and accessories you can try to spice up your log cabin.

1. Bold Lighting

The lighting you decide will be crucial for the aesthetic of any home. With your log cabin surrounded by breathtaking nature, why not let all that light through? Natural lighting works very well in adding to the design of your house. Long windows allow more light into the room, making it look more spacious. Windows at different locations increase the natural light saving on power consumption used for lighting the cabin.

Add wall fixtures to your cabin wall to add soft lighting to the room. If your log cabin has high ceilings, these can help bring the light much closer than chandeliers. They are dependable and reliable too. Table lights and floor lamps are also ideal for providing lighting next to the sofa or working spaces. The unique wall fixtures will add to the pleasing interior look of your home.

2. Vintage Accessories

Adding a few antique pieces can easily add to the rustic feel of your cabin. Vintage elements like restored furniture and kitchen appliances can be perfect for making you nostalgic every time you enter your home. You can also include accessories like old signs and souvenirs to tell more about the cabin’s history.

With vintage lamps around the cabin, finding an ideal spot to finish that novel you are reading will be easy. If you want to go all out, you can add vintage style wallpapers with retro palettes and classic colors. Large masonry fireplaces and rustic furniture will go a long way in adding to the vintage style of your log cabin.

3. Wall Decorations

Today, you can have a neutral style apartment like in the city or a more rustic wooden look depending on the theme you settle on. Add character to your home with vintage signs and nature-themed wallpapers. Wall hangings will help brighten your home and make it more inviting. They are also great talking points with guests.

There are nature-themed wall art, paintings, and decorative plaques to make the interior of your cabin more interesting. Spread the decorations in different rooms in your log home to maintain that vintage or rustic vibe you want. To make it feel more like home, add some family photos and items that tell exciting stories about your life.

4. Go Green

One of the main reasons for moving into a log home is to be closer to nature and enjoy the scenic environment. Having lively green plants in your home will brighten the room and contrast well with the wood cabin interior. Log cabins look more beautiful with small wall planters in the interior and exterior.

There are many different plants that you can grow to shake up the look of your home garden. Make sure to cut bushes growing too close to the log cabin to allow for better ventilation. Hanging gardens next to your log cabin will add to the aesthetic look of your home. Bring nature inside your home by using unfinished wood for your cabinets and tables.


If you are looking for ways to refresh and redesign your cabin interior, try out these ideas to get you started today. Make your home beautiful and welcoming with comfortable furniture, vintage pieces, and plants in different corners of your home.

From plush pillows, vintage wallpaper to fun retro signs, there is a lot you can do to add some style to your log cabin. Decorating your interior with your style is fun and will make the log home your favorite place to be.

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