7 Cabin Rental Locations For a Romantic Getaway

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Log cabins are an ideal location for a romantic getaway; from the rustic interior, the roar of the fireplace, a chill in the air, and steaming cups of hot coffee, they provide an atmosphere of cozy romance that can’t be rivaled. While you may be interested in such a getaway, though, there are still plenty of factors to consider. How much does a cabin rental cost? Where are some good locations? To help you with this, we’ve compiled a list of great locations all across the United States that each have their own unique environments and advantages.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is a wonderful location for a romantic getaway. Located in the Great Smoky Mountains, the city is home to a state university, beautiful gardens, the Biltmore Estate, and gorgeous architecture. If you want to spend your days checking out the sights of the city, then return to a rustic place to rest, you can rent a cabin near town. If you’d rather spend more time alone and out in the natural beauty of the mountains, there are plenty of places further out of town to rent. Your average cost per night in an Asheville cabin will likely run from $200-500, though there are outliers as affordable as $100 per night or less and as extravagant as $1000 per night.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

While Asheville is more of a cultural stop, Gatlinburg is a major tourist attraction for the state of Tennessee. Likewise located in the Smoky Mountains, the city hosts a plethora of stores, activities, and drinkeries to enjoy during your stay if you want to rent a cabin near the city. However, as with Asheville, there are plenty of attractive and accommodating log cabins outside of town if you’d rather spend your days hiking through wood trails and taking in breathtaking views. Gatlinburg offers many affordable cabins, having an average cost range of approximately $100-300 per night.

Blue Ridge, Georgia

This vacation spot offers a blend of Asheville’s cultural attractions and Gatlinburg’s tourist spots. Blue Ridge is home to a thriving artistic community, whose exhibitions of skill are often showcased in the Art Center or the local community theater. Local restaurants and craft breweries offer a unique local touch while also drawing in the inquisitive tourist, while the antique train trips will give you an experience of the surrounding area that is unparalleled. Furthermore, the city is surrounded by such stellar natural parks and sights as the Chattahoochee National Forest and the Fall Branch Waterfall. Rates for cabin rentals are also a middle ground between Asheville and Gatlinburg, averaging between $150-450 per night.

Hocking Hills, Ohio

Moving out of the South and into the Midwest, Ohio offers the very inviting Hocking Hills State Park. This work of natural wonders spans nearly 25 miles, scattered throughout which are hiking trails, waterfalls, caves, and all manner of landscapes. If you really want to see natural beauty, make sure to make your way out to Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls, or the so-called Devil’s Bathtub. These majestic sites capture the true wonder of the park, and they’re simply highlights in a park full of incredible scenery. It’s definitely a more remote sort of retreat, so if you’re looking for a memorable trip to a natural, scenic environment, this could be the trip for you. It’s also fairly affordable, with cabins ranging from $150-350 per night.

Estes Park, Colorado

If you want to go further west into wild American terrain, then make your way out to the Rocky Mountains for a trip to Estes Park, Colorado. The town is at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park, which is home to classic mountain wildlife, such as a significant population of elk and bears. In these high, often arid mountains, you can explore craggy, rocky peaks. There are sprawling forests, and given its location in northern Colorado, there are even locations where you can see tundra. Close at hand to the park is also the Roosevelt National Forest, so if you really want to explore the wilderness, you have ample opportunity. If you’re interested in a little photo shoot, you can take the town’s tramway to the peak of Prospect Mountain for an unforgettable view and a great backdrop for a couple’s photo.

Ruidoso, New Mexico

The southwestern states of the US feature a distinct blend of cultures and boast a particular type of environment that won’t be found elsewhere in the country. If the southwest appeals to you more than typical cabin retreat locations, then Ruidoso may be ideal for you. This New Mexico village is situated in the Sierra Blanca mountain range and is home to many attractions, including a ski resort and a terrain park. In addition, the southwest of the village features a national park with many trails and waterfalls. To the northeast, in Lincoln Historic Site, there are several historic stone and adobe buildings to draw tourists with an interest in history or just an eye for architectural beauty. The rates for Ruidoso cabins vary, but on average are close to the rates of other locations, with average prices ranging from $130-400.

Lake Tahoe, California

When people think of California, they often think of places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other similar cities. However, California is a big state with a lot of natural beauty. So, if you want a vacation with a luxurious lakeside view, take a trip to a cabin at Lake Tahoe. Its crystalline waters and vast blue skies make a perfect spot for a romantic getaway. These cabins have a little bit of a higher price range, but you can still find a good cabin for $250-400 per night.

In Conclusion

We hope you get to enjoy any one of these locations with that special person in your life. If you want to know more about how to get the most out of your cabin trip, be sure to check out some of our other content!

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